The Sleep Lady & The Gentle Parenting Community

sleep solutions and gentle parenting advice



Breastfeeding Support


Positive Parenting Solutions

A great resource for parenting advice


The Pump Station

Breastfeeding Support


The Magic Sleep Suit


Wonder Bumpers

a fantastic bumper alternative

Breathable Bumpers


Postpartum Depression Help

Dr. Shoshana Bennett, PhD

Postpartum Depression Help

PPD Doctors and Coordinators by state


The Good Nite Lite

helps children understand sleep time and wake up time


The Good Night, Sleep Tight Rewards Chart

a great sleep manners chart


Reflux Aid

The Tucker Sling, helpful reflux aid


Colic Solved by Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

a helpful book about reflux in babies


Sensory Processing Resources

SPD Foundation website


Sensory Processing Aids and Tools

resources for sensory integration aids


NYC Childbirth Educator

Fern Drillings, a childbirth educator and lactation consultant


NYC Support and Parent Education- JCC Manhattan

Local NYC network of support groups and parenting resources


NYC Parent Support and Education- 92 Street Y

Local NYC network of support groups and parenting resources


Article about Crying


App for Sleep Logs

Trixie Tracker, helps you keep your sleep logs and more